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Kinetica, Inc.
ISO 17025 Certified Thermoanalytical Testing Services for the Chemical Process Industry








•  Accelerating Rate Calorimetry (ARC)
   Temperature/pressure/self-heat rate for exothermic runaway reactions/
   self-accelerating decomposition temperature/storage temperature

•  Bomb Calorimetry (BC)
   Heats of combustion/solids and liquids

•  Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)
   Heat capacities/phase transitions/endothermic/exothermic reactions

•  Quantitative Reaction Calorimetry (QRC)
   Real kinetic/thermodynamic data for condensed phase reactions

•  Isothermal and Solution Calorimetry (ISO)
   Isothermal kinetics/enthalpy of solution and mixing

•  Specialized Testing and Consulting
   Explosives/pyrotechnics analysis/ fuel autoxidation/ kinetic modeling



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